Place Matters


The Kingbridge Centre is a premier destination renowned for hosting off-site meetings, learning, and leadership development, providing guests with an optimal environment for collaboration and transformative change. Additionally,

the nature-based campus serves as an ideal oasis for relaxing weekend getaways, perfect for families, friends,

or colleagues seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating escape.

Discover Kingbridge

At Kingbridge, we understand that what happens outside of the meeting is just as important as what happens inside the meeting room. Whether you prefer some time in our fitness room, playing a game of pickleball in our indoor court, a reflective walk through the nature trails, or engaging with your team members in outdoor activities such as biking, volleyball or enjoying s’mores by the fire, the Kingbridge Centre has a variety of amenities designed to enrich your experience.

Kingbridge Products & Services


Experience a new era of



A tranquil oasis to retreat & bring mind & body back into  harmonious balance.


Bring Together Virtual Teams

A perfect co-working environment to fill the gap between remote & hybrid work. 

Innovation Hub

Come to explore, experiment & collaborate.

Our Guiding Principles

A Mission-driven Enterprise

Kingbridge is a mission driven enterprise guided by a focused purpose to assist and enable individuals and institutions to convene, curate and collaborate on solving their most pressing problems and challenges pertaining to leadership, skills development, innovation, economic prosperity, and growth. We have a deep belief in harnessing science and technology in providing experiences and experiments that enable our clients to be bold in order to create a better world for us all.

Place-based Learning & Engagement

By harnessing the power of place, we have intentionally designed an environment ideal for off-site convening, holistic and action-based learning, rapid ideation, space for safe introspection, reflection and reaction and for demonstrating new forms of innovation. Our infrastructure and ecosystem is designed to surround you with innovative ideas and unique installations that spark wonder of future possibilities.


We aspire to solve complex problems and take on cutting edge challenges that lead to innovative business solutions that bring positive impact to the world for multiple decades.

An Innovative Culture

We foster an environment that supports creative thinking to uncover new opportunities. We demonstrate a spirit of curiosity, creativity, innovation, resiliency, inclusion, and continual improvement. We are passionate and dedicated about creating, curating, crafting and hosting exceptional and memorable experiences.

Partnerships of Purpose

We have close working relationships and arrangements with key partners to harness the infrastructure of the Kingbridge Centre to augment, experience and add value for our clients and also spawn activities that drive economic prosperity and impact by accelerating groundbreaking innovations that propel community transformation and enterprising initiatives which make a positive impact in the world.

Environmentally Focused

Located on the Oak Ridges Moraine with the Humber River flowing through the property, it is important for us to support and maintain best practices regarding environmental stewardship pertaining to our operations. We utilize a variety of both equipment and management approaches to mitigate our impact to the local ecology while demonstrating innovative solutions. Some of our initiatives include: an independent waste water treatment plant, a designated managed forest and an onsite apiary and indoor farm. We are looking into future initiatives including: solar photovoltaic and generating biofuels from our food waste.


Throughout its history Kingbridge has always been known as a place that creates the conditions for transformation to occur. 

In 1989 designed by legendary architect Arthur Charles Erickson in collaboration with Murray Koffler, founder of Shoppers Drug Mart and co-founder of the Four Seasons the vision for the campus was to be one of the first world-class health and wellness spas in Canada, King Ranch.  


In 1992, CIBC converted the property into a private state-of-the-art leadership development training facility. 


Purchased in 2001, by John Abele, retired co-founder of Boston Scientific, designed the vision of Kingbridge to be a global residential convening destination that supports collaborative problem solving and innovation.   


In January 2021, John Abele made the decision to retire, entrusting the ownership to the Pathak Family Trust and its affiliated entity Ekagrata Inc. Kingbridge’s new Chairman Prashant Pathak has been involved in John Abele’s vision and mission alongside the Kingbridge team for the last 15 years. He is excited to carry on the legacy of collective learning, problem solving, and innovation in addition to evolving the vision into living learning space designed for demonstrating and accelerating innovations with the potential to make positive impacts on the environment , address the future of food, advance green energy models, achieve clean water and create healthy thriving communities.   

Getting to Kingbridge

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