Whether you are hosting a national conference or a confidential strategic planning session, Kingbridge has the ideal space for you.

With 43 unique meeting rooms ranging in size and capacity, Kingbridge provides a diverse environment capable of accommodating everyone. Most meeting rooms boast floor to ceiling windows providing guests with scenic views.

Kingbridge offers a variety of communal spaces. Have an impromptu breakout session in one of our lounges or venture outdoors with your flipchart and markers.

As an accredited IACC (International Association of Conference Centres) member, we offer the highest standards in amenities including: built in audio visual equipment, high speed internet, ergonomic seating, in room lighting controls and tackable wall surfaces. Learn more about what it means to be an IACC member here.

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At Kingbridge, we understand that what happens outside of the meeting room is just as important as what happens inside the meeting room.

Whether you prefer some time having a leisurely swim in our indoor or outdoor pool, getting your cardio up in our fitness room or a reflective walk through our nature trails, the Kingbridge Centre has a variety of activities to help you relax and unwind after a day’s meeting.

Indoor running track


A unique 200-metre indoor running track suspended roughly seven feet above the ground and fully climate controlled


24-hour access, strength building stations, free weights and cardio equipment

Indoor basketball court; red and blue basketball court; multipurpose sports room


Basketball, floor hockey, indoor volleyball

shallow indoor wading pool


Indoor whirlpool, change rooms equipped with steam room, sauna, showers and lockers

Kingbridge Centre view of the pool


25 Meter heated pool

mointain bikes; maroon mountain bikes


Mountain bikes, snowshoes,
volleyball, soccer, bocce ball

two men playing squash



Over 5 kilometers of nature trails through forested terrain and rolling hills

The Woodland Trails

We invite you to explore the trails that run through our property. Each trail offers a suggestion for reflection designed to inspire deep thinking. It’s our hope that the insights you find here will add meaningful value to your personal and professional life.

The Path of Renewal

The heart of renewal is the art of letting-go. Perhaps it’s your need to always be in control. Perhaps it’s an unrealistic expectation that you and the people around you must be perfect. Now is an opportune moment to identify the primary obstacles to further growth. Can you imagine what it would be like to let go and live more fully.

The Mindful Forest

Somewhere on this path, take a few moments to stop walking, stand still and become aware of your surroundings. Truly pay attention. Be present. Notice what you see. Notice what you hear. Free your imagination and hold onto the power it creates. What happens to your thoughts when you focus your awareness on the present moment?

How does inner wisdom come to you? Is it a feeling? A thought? Self-talk? A vision?

Inner Passage

Shift you focus and become aware of your posture. Notice how it feels to breath. Now consciously shift your posture and your breathing in a way that reflects total confidence, total trust and total well-being. Note the difference? How can changing your body change the way you think and feel?

Field of Possibilities

The lush rolling hills invite you into their beauty and openness. Notice the shapes and forms of the clouds as they drift gently across the sky. As you begin to notice the expansiveness of nature, let your thoughts expand to include new possibilities for your leadership and your life. What is your true potential? What is your heart’s desire? What is your vision for the future?

Labyrinth at Kingbridge

Labyrinths have appeared in diverse forms in different cultures since the dawn of civilization. Ours is an exact replica of the Chartres labyrinth; an 800 year old metaphor for the inner journey.  It’s an active form of meditation.

When walking slow down and become mindful of each step. Walking it with a problem in mind often inspires intuitive insights. It can be a metaphor for the journey to the centre of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are, or a more complete sense of your purpose, in your work, or life.

The Wisdom Walk

This is a tool for accessing your right brain intuition wisdom and combining it with your analytical assumptions and linear thinking.

Contemplation Spots

As you explore our woodland trails take a moment to stop along the way at the marked contemplation spots and challenge yourself to the mindfulness exercises you find at each.

The Waters of Integrity

A body of water has depth. There’s activity beneath the surface that we don’t always perceive. Integrity is the art of having our inner activity – our thoughts and emotions – align with our visible behaviour. Choose an important dimension of our life. How do you really feel about what’s happening? How could you express your inner truth in a way that moves you toward a positive outcome?

The Whispering Grove

At some level of intuition, most of us already know who we should be and what we should do. Nevertheless modern life, with its constant noise and incessant demands, can cloak our inner knowing and mask the still voice of our inner wisdom As you sit on the rocks of enjoy the swing in the tree take a moment, and allow yourself to experience some quiet tranquility and stillness. What aspect of your life is most in need of guidance?


Whether you are joining us to celebrate a personal milestone or a successful meeting outcome, you are invited to enjoy Connections Dining Room for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Overlooking the grounds of the Kingbridge Conference Centre & Institute, Connections offers a combination of globally influenced buffets and superbly crafted entrées from our open concept kitchen that will be sure to stimulate positive conversation for all guests.

We believe using locally produced food not only provides the freshest options but also contributes to the sustainability of the region. Therefore, we are committed to using local seasonal and green house produce. We have also taken that one-step further by partnering with the Living City farm at The Kortright Centre as part of their Community Shared Agriculture program or CSA and by supporting a local greenhouse farmer. By doing this and working with our vendors we have secured healthy, local, organic food received fresh from the farm or greenhouse every week.

Join Chef Raimund and his team in our Kitchen to enjoy one of the many Culinary Experiences Kingbridge has to offer. Activities range from creating your own dinner for groups up to 25 people, to customized, competitive or collaborative experiences for larger groups.

Kingbridge bar

Bridges Bar

Just as a bridge connects locations, a conference centre connects individuals, ideas and organizations.

With its one of a kind bar crafted of rare Rhodesian Teak recovered from the same rail system at Victoria Falls, Bridges Bar is the ideal setting for end of day debriefs with colleagues for experiencing informal learning.

Bridges Bar features an extensive selection of beers, wines and spirits as well as a unique pub-style menu.

Games Room

Learning can occur anytime, anyhow and anywhere. The Kingbridge Games Room provides the perfect environment for your team to interact with each other and discuss the day through activity and fun!

With a pool table, darts, foosball and card tables this is a perfect spot to kick back after a day of meeting and catch up with your colleagues.

games room
siemens e-car charging station in the winter

Kingbridge has Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations!

Do you drive a vehicle powered by electricity? Are you considering making the switch? If you are attending an event at the Kingbridge Centre and drive your electric vehicle in, we have two EV charging stations available to our guests.

If you are coming to the Kingbridge Centre and need to charge your vehicle please follow the steps below:

  1. Start at the Front Desk where our amazing guest services team will escort you to the charging station.
  2. There are two charging stations available, however we can accommodate a total of 5 vehicles at one time. You will park your car and plug it into charge.
  3. Once you car is set-up to charge, our guest services agent will shuttle you back up to the Front Lobby.
  4. We will request your name and the group you are with (if applicable), in the event we need to reach out to you while on property.
  5. Once your car has finished charging, come to the Front Desk and we will shuttle you to your car and then back to the building from the main parking lot.

Commonly asked questions:

  • What type of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations do we have at Kingbridge: Siemens VersiCharge
  • What is the charge: This is a complementary service. No charge.
  • Output Amperage: 30Amps
  • Output Power: 1.8 kW to 7.2 kW
  • Cord connection length: 20 ft
  • Does it have Wi-Fi capability: No
  • Max number of EV’s that can charge at once? Total 5 (2 at 220 volts and 3 more at a slower charge using the secondary outlets).



First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor

woman in a yoga pose with geometric background
meditation pose

Calm Your Mind – before, during or after your meeting

Adina Smolcic, founder of Nurture U Yoga is a devoted yoga instructor who weaves together classes from a variety of styles including; Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara and Iyengar Yoga.  Adina is devoted to sharing this ancient art with guests of Kingbridge, and strives to create a safe space for calming the mind, stretching the body, releasing tension and grounding the body. Each class combines meditation, breath work and posture, bringing the culminating effects together as class ends in a full body deep relaxation.

For more information on how to insert yoga into your meeting experience, reach out to your Kingbridge Sales or Conference Planning Manager.

Nurture U logo
lady receiving massage

Resiliency Achieved by Relaxing Your Body and Calming the Mind

Building a firm foundation for physical and mental excellence leads to health and longevity at all stages of your life. Helping our guests be resilient so they can thrive in all aspects of their lives is important to the team at the Kingbridge Centre. Whether you are a conference guest or just here to relax, we invite you to rejuvenate your mind and body by indulging in the ultimate healthy pleasure MASSAGE THERAPY.

To inquire about booking your appointment, 
please call our front desk at: 905-833-3086
Massage therapists do not reside on property. If interested in massage services, please call in advance of your stay to book an appointment.

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