Do they nurture collaboration? Do they increase understanding?


Making Meetings the Most Effective Form of Collaboration

In Meetings:

• What opportunities are lost when members of your team tune out?

• When communicating are you being perceived in the way you intend?

• Do you often feel like you haven’t’ been heard?

• What causes the emotional landscape of your meeting to go astray?

Enable your team to SEE, READ and HEAR what occurs in their business conversations

We offer the tools and learning platform to help leaders and their teams achieve a much higher level of mutual and self-understanding about how they come across when presenting or in business conversations.

At your next meeting, exclusively at Kingbridge experience a technology that lets you view the emotions encoded in the facial expressions and voice of each participant; to better understand the impact of emotions on how the meeting proceeds.

The technology is also valuable for those interested in enhancing their presentation skills.

Video Recording and Voice Transcript of your Meeting – Experience the Technology

We survey and bring together all of the video, voice, text and emotional analytics data to provide customized coaching to teams and individuals to empower them to take full advantage of their time together.

• A 360 degree camera is used in your meeting to capture footage and audio of the conversation which then gets stored on a secure server.

• The platform then uses advanced machine learning algorithm’s to identify and map individual users voices and faces and automatically tracks, records, and displays the emotional states of each individual on the basis of recognizing patterns of facial expressions and of voice-related variabilities (pitches, loudness, pitch range, loudness range, rhythm, articulateness) that identify the individuals emotional states.

• Individuals can see for themselves the kinds of interpersonal dynamics that their communications – or lack thereof – produce in other participants and they can be coached and briefed on the ways in which their ways of making statements, responding to questions and according or withholding attention from others contributes to the collabortiveness and effectiveness of business conversations.

Contact your sales or planning manager to integrate this service into your meeting. 

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