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Open Minds and Expand Thinking – “The paradox of real collaboration is that it is not about getting the best minds together – it’s about creating A NEW MIND SET.”

Our “meeting engagement tools” are designed to help clients interact more effectively in conversation when they go off-site to meet or learn. These tools are created to open up deeper conversation in the meeting so different points of views can be better understood. Once a group has expanded their ability to think differently they can be more creative and perform better when combining their intelligence to solve a problem or engage in a change initiative.

Kingbridge offers collaborative technologies and advisory services to help you engage in the collective action process.

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Audience Response Tool

The Audience Response System is our mobile polling system that can be integrated into meeting and learning initiatives to harness collective intelligence by giving every participant a voice. Any group can use the system to anonymously vote on issues. This gets an entire group engaged, and also provides for absolute candor. Our team works with you to design effective questions that will improve your meeting outcomes.

Benefits to you…

  • Provides interactivity during meetings and presentations
  • Captures uninhibited anonymous feedback and displays results instantly
  • Candid responses stimulate conversations that “dig deeper” and achieve more meaningful outcomes
  • Effectively tracks, assesses and guides the learning process
  • Instantly generates reports for detailed and graphical reference
  • Saves time by decisively gauging where the meeting focus needs to be

Ideal for…

  • Strategic Planning
  • Initiative Launches
  • Focus Groups
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Evaluations
  • Group Assessments
  • Measures Competitions to Gauge Understanding

Decision Support Tool

The technology allows for anonymous and rapid idea generation that can easily be categorized and prioritized.

Benefits to you…

  • Anonymity allows for an uninhibited flow of ideas and feedback
  • Increases productivity and hastens input and aggregation of information by generating and evaluating ideas quickly and efficiently
  • Improves outcomes by tapping the collective intelligence of your delegates
  • Creates an idea bank to work from
  • Generates instant reports which documents all inputs and editing
  • Group collaboration in a forum that allows each participant to feel their ideas are being heard

Ideal for…

  • Strategic Planning
  • New Product Development
  • Focus Groups and Expert Panels
  • Mission and Vision Creation
  • Process Design and Process Improvement

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