Designing Meetings that Accelerate Collaboration is our Passion

Based on his experience as co-founder of Boston Scientific, a pioneer in the disruptive field of less invasive medicine, Kingbridge owner John Abele knows that authentic and productive communication and collaboration are essential enablers to organizational innovation and performance.

When teams come together to address business issues they often need to engage in complex conversations where strong opinions and emotions surface. Participating in these meetings involves much more than an exchange of knowledge and expertise to produce results. It has to do with relating, empathizing, and most importantly sensing and emoting in ways that promote collaboration and relating constructively with each other.

Designing meetings that accelerate collaboration so organizations can do great work together is important to John which is why he designed Kingbridge to be a place where leaders and their teams come to continuously learn and achieve outstanding results by leveraging the collective intelligence of their people.

Most leaders have the technical proficiency to solve problems but how many leaders have strong relational proficiency and what is the cost to an organization if this is lacking within a team. Kingbridge offers an ideal environment and provides a selection of proven programs and tools for understanding and developing the social and emotional skills critical to managerial and executive functioning.

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Introducing Our Newest Meeting Service

Making Meetings the Most Effective Form of Collaboration

In Meetings:

• What opportunities are lost when members of your team tune out?

• When communicating are you being perceived in the way you intend?

• Do you often feel like you haven’t’ been heard?

• What causes the emotional landscape of your meeting to go astray?

Enable your team to SEE, READ and HEAR what occurs in their business conversations

We offer the tools and learning platform to help leaders and their teams achieve a much higher level of mutual and self-understanding about how they come across when presenting or in business conversations.

At your next meeting, exclusively at Kingbridge experience a technology that lets you view the emotions encoded in the facial expressions and voice of each participant; to better understand the impact of emotions on how the meeting proceeds.

The technology is also valuable for those interested in enhancing their presentation skills.

Video Recording and Voice Transcript of your Meeting – Experience the Technology

We survey and bring together all of the video, voice, text and emotional analytics data to provide customized coaching to teams and individuals to empower them to take full advantage of their time together.

• A 360 degree camera is used in your meeting to capture footage and audio of the conversation which then gets stored on a secure server.

• The platform then uses advanced machine learning algorithm’s to identify and map individual users voices and faces and automatically tracks, records, and displays the emotional states of each individual on the basis of recognizing patterns of facial expressions and of voice-related variabilities (pitches, loudness, pitch range, loudness range, rhythm, articulateness) that identify the individuals emotional states.

• Individuals can see for themselves the kinds of interpersonal dynamics that their communications – or lack thereof – produce in other participants and they can be coached and briefed on the ways in which their ways of making statements, responding to questions and according or withholding attention from others contributes to the collabortiveness and effectiveness of business conversations.

Contact your sales or planning manager to integrate this service into your meeting.

Inquire about our tools and services designed to Enhance Your Meeting Experience

Open Minds and Expand Thinking – “The paradox of real collaboration is that it is not about getting the best minds together – it’s about creating A NEW MIND SET.”

Our “meeting engagement tools” are designed to help clients interact more effectively in conversation when they go off-site to meet or learn. These tools are created to open up deeper conversation in the meeting so different points of views can be better understood. Once a group has expanded their ability to think differently they can be more creative and perform better when combining their intelligence to solve a problem or engage in a change initiative.

Kingbridge offers collaborative technologies and advisory services to help you engage in the collective action process.

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Audience Response Tool

The Audience Response System is our mobile polling system that can be integrated into meeting and learning initiatives to harness collective intelligence by giving every participant a voice. Any group can use the system to anonymously vote on issues. This gets an entire group engaged, and also provides for absolute candor. Our team works with you to design effective questions that will improve your meeting outcomes.

Benefits to you…

  • Provides interactivity during meetings and presentations
  • Captures uninhibited anonymous feedback and displays results instantly
  • Candid responses stimulate conversations that “dig deeper” and achieve more meaningful outcomes
  • Effectively tracks, assesses and guides the learning process
  • Instantly generates reports for detailed and graphical reference
  • Saves time by decisively gauging where the meeting focus needs to be

Ideal for…

  • Strategic Planning
  • Initiative Launches
  • Focus Groups
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Evaluations
  • Group Assessments
  • Measures Competitions to Gauge Understanding

Decision Support Tool

The technology allows for anonymous and rapid idea generation that can easily be categorized and prioritized.

Benefits to you…

  • Anonymity allows for an uninhibited flow of ideas and feedback
  • Increases productivity and hastens input and aggregation of information by generating and evaluating ideas quickly and efficiently
  • Improves outcomes by tapping the collective intelligence of your delegates
  • Creates an idea bank to work from
  • Generates instant reports which documents all inputs and editing
  • Group collaboration in a forum that allows each participant to feel their ideas are being heard

Ideal for…

  • Strategic Planning
  • New Product Development
  • Focus Groups and Expert Panels
  • Mission and Vision Creation
  • Process Design and Process Improvement

To learn more or to book this program for your team contact
Lisa Gilbert, General Manager
(905)833 6500

Collaborative Leadership Essentials “Empowering Team Performance”

Contact us to learn how you can integrate a 2-hour Collaborative Leadership Essentials session into the beginning of your next offsite meeting agenda. Ideal for intact teams of 8+.

When teams come together to address business issues they often need to engage in complex conversations where strong opinions and emotions surface. Participating in meetings involves much more than an exchange of knowledge and expertise to produce results. It has to do with relating, empathizing, and most importantly sensing and emoting in ways that promote collaboration and relating constructively with each other.

Collaborative Leadership Essentials are designed to be short, powerful sessions customized to complement your meeting purpose. Built into the start of your meeting, they introduce highly relevant collaboration skills your team can immediately embed into their work on business issues.

Choose a session that will build your team’s capability to lead with an essential element of collaborative leadership:

Leading with Personal Resilience

Leadership Conversations for High Performance

Creating Shared Purpose

In today’s ‘always on’ environment, many leaders experience pressure, information overload, and distraction. This can invisibly sabotage pivotal conversations and meetings where collaboration and collective intelligence are essential. In this two-hour session, we’ll learn what neuroscience is telling us about sources of ‘threat’ in our workplace that can impact our brains, capabilities, and relationships. We’ll explore strategies for staying calm in uncertainty and for leading effectively in pressure situations. You’ll leave the session with new practices that can help you become more personally resilient and create low-threat, higher collaboration team environments.

In our executive education programs, a call for a show of hands inevitably reveals that most leadership teams spend the majority of their meeting time in discussion, aimed at making decisions and planning action. While this is essential to their effectiveness, it is only half the picture. Effective conversational leaders balance dialogue and discussion. In this 2-hour session we will explore ways to blend dialogue and discussion to get beyond opinions, test assumptions, find deeper questions, and achieve higher quality outcomes. You’ll leave the session with more sophisticated conversation skills that will allow you to more effectively form collaborations that are built on trust and healthy conflict, and achieve more creative and adaptive outcomes.

Leaders who take on more progressive roles learn that their leadership must shift from a primary focus on doing, to one that effectively engages others and creates shared purpose. In this two-hour session, we’ll explore why leaders who can help their teams move beyond engagement to commitment, and beyond coordination to collaboration, are best able to create shared purpose that can lead to higher performance. We’ll learn ways to approach a variety of leadership situations and bridge diverse perspectives to ensure the best outcome for all. You’ll leave the session having increased your ability to stay connected with your own purpose while more confidently cultivating collaboration in your team and across the organization.

Session Fee

Each session costs $2,150, plus HST for groups of 25 people or less (minimum of 8 participants)
*For larger group sizes, additional fees may be applied depending on facilitation requirements

  • “I was able to implement my learning immediately.”

  • “Mary Stacey engaged us in discussing real issues we meet in our work.”

  • “Our 75 managers developed the mindset and skills to navigate the escalating complexity of our business.”

Kingbridge Partner

Collaborative Leadership Essentials is offered by Kingbridge partner Context Consulting, an international consultancy based in Canada. Context founder Mary Stacey leads the sessions, drawing on her work with global leadership teams and her highly rated courses in the Strategic Leadership Advanced program at the University of Toronto, both proven to develop the collaborative skills that leaders and teams need in today’s increasingly complex environment. Mary holds an MA in Organizational Leadership and Learning and executive coaching certification. She is a contributor to strategy+business magazine, The Change Handbook: Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems, and recently authored the Context brief: Adaptive Leadership Networks in Global Organizations. Read Mary’s full biography here.

Context’s client list includes:

To view an extended client list for Context Consulting click here

To learn more or to book this program for your team contact
Lisa Gilbert, General Manager

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