Crowdsourcing in Action

Yesterday, Febrary 5, The Kingbridge Centre as a member of IACC (International Association of Conference Centres) hosted a crowdsourcing session to determine what our clients are really looking for in a conference centre with the intention of course correcting accordingly.

Although not an Earth changing topic, the session did reveal areas that perhaps require more attention and others that require less in the mind of the consumer.   And isn’t that what we are here for: to please the consumer?

It amazes me that something so simple as asking your target audience what they expect from a product or service is so infrequently practiced.  A lot of companies spend a lot of time, effort and marketing dollars to tell us what we need or want yet seldom ask.  The success stories of organizations that place their efforts in sourcing what their customers want (Amazon, Starbucks, iStockPhoto and more recently Dell and HP) have seen exponential growth and increased customer loyalty. 


So why doesn’t every organization do it?
Habit?  Disbelief?  Arrogance?  Fear?
You tell me.

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