Prezi: The Successor to PowerPoint

Presentations haven’t evolved much in the 50 years since the slide projector was invented.  PowerPoint certainly added some interest through animation schemes but is still a linear presentation.  How many subjects or ideas are actually linear?

Prezi lets you bring your ideas into one space and see how they relate, helping you and your audience connect. Zoom out to see the big picture and zoom in to see details — a bit like web-based maps that have changed how we navigate through map books.  Prezi is a medium that inspires creative thinking and allows the user to share ideas in a dynamic and fun format.
Adam Somlai-Fischer is an architect and has been working with zooming presentations since 2001. Back then, he was coding each presentation by hand but it allowed him to show a floor plan (big picture) and individual rooms (details). Adam became an internationally desired speaker and as more people saw his zooming presentations they wanted to create their own. In 2007, Adam met Peter Halacsy who was one of these people. Peter convinced Adam to work on an editor so that anyone could make zooming presentations.

Prezi was launched in April 2009 from Budapest, leading to an investment from TED Conferences and was in fact used by James Geary in his talk at TED Global 2009:

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