T he Kingbridge Centre was founded in 2001 with the mission of supporting innovation and discovery in the King City region and beyond. Kingbridge was founded by John Abele, cofounder of Boston Scientific and a global leader in the field of less invasive medicine. This year Mr. Abele made the decision to retire, entrusting the ownership of the Kingbridge Centre to the Pathak Family Trust and its affiliated entity Ekagrata Inc.

The Pathak Family Trust is committed to upholding the standard of innovation, discovery, and excellence long represented by the Kingbridge Centre. Kingbridge has been recognized both nationally and internationally as the optimal destination for corporate, institutional, business and government clients for convening teams to work on critical organizational planning, collaborate on problem solving, engage on culture and mindset change trainings and workshops, and leadership and skills development experiences. From community conferences to leadership trainings, Kingbridge is proud to provide the infrastructure required for effective development and problem solving.

The Kingbridge vision was inspired by Mr. Abele’s passion for technological inventions, concepts, and ideas made to benefit communities and society as a whole. The vision entails creating a place where experiments and research can be explored by harnessing the power of groups of people. Mr. Abele envisioned a centre equipped with tools and techniques for learning and interactive conferencing and dialogue; the end goal being “collective intelligence.”

Kingbridge’s new Chairman, Prashant Pathak, has been involved in Mr. Abele’s vision and mission alongside the Kingbridge team for over 15 years. Mr. Pathak is passionate and excited to carry on the Kingbridge legacy of collective learning, problem solving, leadership development and innovation. Mr. Abele will continue to advise Mr. Pathak and the rest of the Kingbridge team as Chairman Emeritus.

The Kingbridge Centre will be a mission-based business and grow its profile as a distinctive off-site location for residential convening, leadership development, corporate training, conferencing and strategic retreats. It will expand its vision to provide the experiences, skills, infrastructure and capabilities that assist, guide and support innovations that not only enable ideas and concepts to grow into businesses and vibrant projects as the case may be, but also expedite and accelerate the growth of high potential startups and innovative teams to drive economic development, job creation and prosperity.

In delivering the Innovation Hub vision Kingbridge will work closely with the York Region and King City and such partners to attract, develop and build innovative companies based here by leveraging the experience, venture and risk capital, expertise in business building and the international ecosystem available to it from its association and being part of the “family” that spans Ekagrata Inc. and John Abele. Mr. Pathak brings the venture investing, business building and risk capital experience and expertise that will ensure the success and continued growth of the Innovation Hub at the Kingbridge Centre.

This summer, the Kingbridge Centre will launch a series of extended stay packages designed for innovators, creatives or anyone who is seeking a sabbatical experience. The change of setting surrounded in nature combined with learning tools and opportunities will create the optimal environment for academic and personal growth and for achieving a renewed sense of self.

The programs and services launched as part of the innovation hub are designed specifically for nurturing entrepreneurs, creators and makers, and encourage risk taking in pursuit of bringing to life ground breaking ideas and inventions, developing leadership skills and expertise across generations of people. These programs will convene people who are interested in coming together collaboratively to explore new ideas and solve problems from a higher level of thinking and shared purpose. Kingbridge will also continue to pursue and strengthen new and existing partnerships within the community. From academic institutions to government entities and corporate enterprises, Kingbridge will use its world class infrastructure to deliver on its mission: to drive economic prosperity through dialogue, encourage collaborative problem solving, and support experimentation, innovation, and learning.

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