T he Innovation Hub and Living Lab is focused on demonstrating and accelerating innovations with the potential to make positive impacts on the environment, create sustainable food production, advance green energy models, achieve clean water and create healthy communities.

The Kingbridge Innovation Hub:

  • Harnesses the power of place, space and partners to nurture high potential, high-risk projects
  • Mobilizes long term, patient capital for high impact scaling
  • Builds multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance initiatives and common objectives
  • Facilitates demonstrations and experiments that nurture and regenerate the land
  • Engages the community, clients and partners in immersive learning opportunities
  • Fosters the development of new business models that support sustainability
  • Leverages global partner networks to launch successful solutions into global marketsĀ 

Kingbridge Innovation Hub explores the next evolution of sustainability, including economic, social and environmental benefits for all.

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