The Kingbridge logo is derived from the outline of a “Klein bottle”.

The Klein bottle is a four-dimensional mathematical construct of a continuous surface with only one side. In other words, there is no inside or outside but rather one boundless structure.  Like the Klein bottle, the Kingbridge environment offers boundless opportunity for learning through exploration and experimentation both inside and outside of the meeting room.

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by retired Kingbridge founder John Abele, describing how the Kingbridge Klein bottle came to fruition.

“When I started the Kingbridge Center, it was based on some extraordinary medical educational meetings that enabled us to change the culture and practice of medicine with less invasive procedures.

The concept was based on creating a collaborative environment that was focused on “winning” by raising the bar rather than making your opponent lose.   I’m big on symbols and metaphors and chose the Klein bottle, a mathematical construct that is a volume or “bottle” in which the inside and the outside are contiguous.  In other words, a boundary-less environment.

Cliff Stohl, an astronomer and math geek, had a company called ACME Klein Bottle.  I bought some of his small bottles and asked him if he could make a big one.  He did (with some other glass experts), but it took several years to figure out how to keep them from breaking…a lot of them did. 

This bottle that he built was the biggest for many years and may still be.”

The Klein Bottle measurements are as follows:
1) The height of the bottle is: 41. 3/4" (inches). Or 1060.045mm.
2) The width of the bottle is: 24.1/2" (inches). Or 622.300mm.
3) The circumference of the bottle bulb is 64.3/8" (inches). Or 1635.252mm.

Click here to read the story on the making of the Kingbridge Klein Bottle.

Klien bottle and Kingbridge logo

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