The Kingbridge Ropes Course

Participate in one of the greatest team building experiences available that will literally take your team to new heights! This 3 ½ hour – full-day session will utilize the power of experiential learning to enhance communication skills, build trust among team members and encourage personal growth. Take your team’s performance to the next level with this unforgettable team building experience.

beginning of a team trust building exercise; helmets and harnesses; top roping
group of people in harnesses learning about a top rope course; harnesses; team building; Kingbridge Centre;
summer rope course in the summer

The Details

• A progression of team activities prepares the team for the high ropes challenge ahead
• All participants are provided with the best equipment and instructed by our highly trained and certified ropes course instructors
• Challenge by choice provides an opportunity for all participants to succeed regardless of physical abilities or comfort levels
• Participants can choose from a variety of roles, from critical support on the ground to ascending the vertical challenge of their choice
• A facilitated debriefing session will connect the experience to relevant workplace learning

The Results

• Step out of your comfort zone and overcome limiting mindsets to achieve personal and team success
• Deepen your sense of responsibility, empowerment and ownership
• Lead teams to new heights of performance
• Build trust, communication, and collaboration among team members

Team Building

The team building programs at The Kingbridge Centre are designed to be fun, energizing, and create an experience that resonates and enhances your team meeting. If you want to build relationships, strengthen communication, get the creative juices flowing and promote teamwork, we have a program for you. We have options for all group sizes with a range of indoor or outdoor, and varying activity levels. Programs run from 1.5-3 hours. Check out the PDF below for ideas and connect with us to discuss which program will be best for your needs.

Training Workshops

Are you looking for leadership development options? In-depth and focused training workshops develop specific ‘soft-skills’ for teams, individuals, and leaders. Relevant models explore concepts that are relatable to real life challenges. Experiential activities, discussions and content are designed to provide strategies and tools for team effectiveness. Action plans and coaching partnerships drive follow through and accountability. Check out the PDF for options and connect with us to discuss which workshop will be best for your needs.

Inspirational Keynote

Scott Kress, President of Summit Team Building is a masterful storyteller, a leadership trainer and team building expert, a former Executive MBA Professor and a life-long adventurer. What sets Scott apart is his ability to climb mountains. He is one of the very few people in the world who has summited Mt Everest. In fact, he has climbed the highest peak on each of the 7 continents plus skied to the South Pole and the North Pole. A feat that fewer than 50 people in history have accomplished.

Scott’s presentation will contain not only gripping stories from his adventures, but Scott will share with you the personal, team, and leadership strategies that have been proven to create enormous success for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Keynote Workshop

Summit has revolutionized the training program by blending a motivational keynote and a training workshop. Custom designed for your group, this half- or full-day workshop integrates one of Scott Kress’ extremely popular keynotes with a custom array of activities, models, tools, theories and strategies that meet your learning and development goals. The riveting story makes this workshop highly engaging, and the content makes it valuable and practical to your team and your organization.

Scott Kress, President of Summit Team Building

Read Scott’s full bio here. 

Are you interested in booking an activity with Summit Team Building to add to your program at Kingbridge?

You can either contact your Sales or Planning Manager or reach out to the Summit team directly at:

Looking for an activity to add to your agenda that can easily be run by you and your team?

We have put together self-facilitated activities that allow attendees to take a break from the meeting room, work together as a team and refresh their minds and energy.


This activity will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. Break the group into teams and send them off on a quest all around the Kingbridge property. The goal is to find the answers to each question, without asking our staff. The answers can be found in various areas of the building. This activity requires you to be intuitive, to keep your eyes open and to look for answers where you might not suspect them to be.

*Please ask your Conference Planning Manager to send you the answer key.


This is a tool for accessing your right brain intuition wisdom and combining it with your analytical assumptions and linear thinking. Bring your group outside to the Labyrinth where the fresh air and quiet time to reflect will open the mind for incredible thoughts and possibilities to emerge. Allow 10 minutes for each attendee to walk the Labyrinth.

We have teamed up with the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre to bring newly designed workshops to Kingbridge. Integrate one of these workshops into your program to provoke creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving and most of all excitement!

See the image for outlines of the three workshops along with additional information and pricing.

If you are interested in adding a LEGOLAND workshop into your program at Kingbridge, inquire with your Conference Planning Manager or Sales Manager today!

three pairs of three glasses for wine tasting

Join Chef Raimund and his team in one of the many food & wine experiences Kingbridge has to offer.


These activities are ideal after your meeting has wrapped up for the day and before dinner.

You will be able to take the team building skills learned in the Kingbridge kitchen back to your office, and the culinary skills learned back to your own kitchen.

Activities range from creating your own banquet dinner for groups up to 20 people, to wining and dining in style.

Refer to the menus for the minimum and maximum group size.

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