Training for the Next Generation Workforce

Last post we looked at the skills projected to be paramount for success in the workplace moving into 2020.  These included social intelligence, adaptive thinking, media literacy, and being trans-disciplinary.  And the need for these skills is precipitated by the the changes we are seeing in the workforce; technology, global collaboration and the ‘flattening’ of organizations.  Couple these with the trend towards individuals having multiple careers with multiple organizations and what are you left with?  A corporate training model conundrum!

So, with each job requiring such diverse skill sets to be successful and the condensed time frame you are likely to have one individual hold any position……how do you responsibly invest your training dollars?  The answer is neither clear nor simple however, the Kingbridge Insight for this week is to offer something to think about.

What if the bulk of employee training was no longer group based or even standardized?  If these projections for the future are correct and individuals are going to need a multitude of trans-disciplinary skills to be successful in any position, perhaps the best use of organizational training efforts is not in large class based or standardized online (MOOC’s) training where any number of individuals attending may have greater needs in other areas. Training in the future is no longer going to be a one size fits all solution but rather will need to cater to immediate individual need.

Daunting thought, but one that needs to be addressed in order for your organization to evolve and remain competitive in the not so distant future.

If you have any thoughts about how to tackle the future of corporate training problem please share your insights with us!