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The Kingbridge Centre Privacy Statement

The Kingbridge Centre recognizes the importance of privacy, security and data protection. More importantly, we know that privacy is a fundamental human right. Our goal is to treat your personal information with the utmost respect.

This Privacy Statement was created to inform you of our privacy practices. including the choices you can make, and rights you can exercise, in relation to your personal data. The Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy applies to all The Kingbridge Centre owned websites, domains, services, applications and products. If you have any questions regarding our data control for a specific service, please contact our Privacy Officer.

This Privacy Statement will also guide you through how to access our Privacy Policy, our purposes in asking for your personal information that may be collected from online activity and interactions you have with The Kingbridge Centre directly, such as when you make a hotel room reservation or check-in to your guestroom with our Front Desk.

Sometimes, the personal information might simply be an e-mail address so that we can send information to you. Other times, such as when you check-in, we will collect much more information. However, rest assured that at all times, we only collect your information with your consent and for a specific reason, and we will not abuse the trust that you place in us.

Please Note: Our privacy commitments to you do not apply to third party applications, products, services, websites or social media features accessed through links on our website and within our facilities. Accessing those links will cause you to leave The Kingbridge Centre environment and may result in the collection or sharing of information by those third-party websites and/or applications where their privacy practices may differ from ours. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy of any site/service you interact with before allowing the collection and use of your personal data.

Purpose for the Collection of Personal Information:

The Kingbridge Centre mainly collects your personal information to for the following reasons:

What Personal Information is Collected:

How the Information is Collected

Hotel Reservations – Telephone/Online

Room Registration Card/Guest Folio

Event Function Contract and Invoice

Event Surveys


Performance and Analytic Tools

The Kingbridge Centre Website

How We Use Data

Customer Experience:

Transaction Support:

Business Operations:



Compliance with the Law

Storage of Information

Legal Obligations

The Kingbridge Centre may disclose your personal information as permitted or required to by law. This may involve the following scenarios:

Viewing of Personal Information


General Inquiry

Correction of Personal Information


Removal of Personal Information

Questions, Concerns or Complaints


Privacy Manager Contact Information:

Name: Anthony Sguigna

Title: Director of Finance

E-mail: Anthony.sguigna@kingbridgecentre.com

Telephone #: (905)833-6511

Fax #: (905)833-6507

Mailing Address:

The Kingbridge Centre
12750 Jane Street
King City, Ontario
L7B 1A3

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of our investigation of and response to your complaint, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner at:

Office of the Federal Privacy Commissoner
112 Kent Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 1H3

Telephone #: (613)947-1698

Changes to our Privacy Statement


Original Date of Policy Creation: April 18, 2019

Privacy Policy Revised & Updated: June 2, 2022