The Woodland Trails

We invite you to explore the trails that run through our property. Each trail offers a suggestion for reflection designed to inspire deep thinking. It’s our hope that the insights you find here will add meaningful value to your personal and professional life.

The Path of Renewal

The heart of renewal is the art of letting-go. Perhaps it’s your need to always be in control. Perhaps it’s an unrealistic expectation that you and the people around you must be perfect. Now is an opportune moment to identify the primary obstacles to further growth. Can you imagine what it would be like to let go and live more fully.

The Mindful Forest

Somewhere on this path, take a few moments to stop walking, stand still and become aware of your surroundings. Truly pay attention. Be present. Notice what you see. Notice what you hear. Free your imagination and hold onto the power it creates. What happens to your thoughts when you focus your awareness on the present moment?

How does inner wisdom come to you? Is it a feeling? A thought? Self-talk? A vision?

Inner Passage

Shift you focus and become aware of your posture. Notice how it feels to breath. Now consciously shift your posture and your breathing in a way that reflects total confidence, total trust and total well-being. Note the difference? How can changing your body change the way you think and feel?

Field of Possibilities

The lush rolling hills invite you into their beauty and openness. Notice the shapes and forms of the clouds as they drift gently across the sky. As you begin to notice the expansiveness of nature, let your thoughts expand to include new possibilities for your leadership and your life. What is your true potential? What is your heart’s desire? What is your vision for the future?

Labyrinth at Kingbridge

Labyrinths have appeared in diverse forms in different cultures since the dawn of civilization. Ours is an exact replica of the Chartres labyrinth; an 800 year old metaphor for the inner journey.  It’s an active form of meditation.

When walking slow down and become mindful of each step. Walking it with a problem in mind often inspires intuitive insights. It can be a metaphor for the journey to the centre of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are, or a more complete sense of your purpose, in your work, or life.

The Wisdom Walk

This is a tool for accessing your right brain intuition wisdom and combining it with your analytical assumptions and linear thinking.

Contemplation Spots

As you explore our woodland trails take a moment to stop along the way at the marked contemplation spots and challenge yourself to the mindfulness exercises you find at each.

The Waters of Integrity

A body of water has depth. There’s activity beneath the surface that we don’t always perceive. Integrity is the art of having our inner activity – our thoughts and emotions – align with our visible behaviour. Choose an important dimension of our life. How do you really feel about what’s happening? How could you express your inner truth in a way that moves you toward a positive outcome?

The Whispering Grove

At some level of intuition, most of us already know who we should be and what we should do. Nevertheless modern life, with its constant noise and incessant demands, can cloak our inner knowing and mask the still voice of our inner wisdom As you sit on the rocks of enjoy the swing in the tree take a moment, and allow yourself to experience some quiet tranquility and stillness. What aspect of your life is most in need of guidance?

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Over 5 kilometers of nature trails through forested terrain and rolling hills

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